CPWD for its effective working has developed the following codes, manuals, schedules, technical specifications, design manuals and other necessary technical publications.The important ones are enclosed for reference:
        CPWD Department Code
        CPWD Accounts Code

        CPWD Works Manual 2014
        CPWD Works Manual 2012 English  Hindi
        CPWD Works Manual 2007
        CPWD Works Manual 2003
        Manual Volume I
        CPWD Maintenance Manual 2012
        CPWD Maintenance Manual 2000
        Schedule of Maintenance
        Vigilance Manual
        WC Establishment Manual
General Conditions of Contract(GCC)
         GCC 2014- View in PDF
Plinth Area Rates
        Supplement for Specilized E&M Works 2014 - View in PDF
        Supplement for Specilized E&M Works 2013 - View in PDF
        2012 - View in PDF
        2007 - Reprint 2010 - View in PDF
        2007 - View in PDF

Analysis of Rates for Delhi:
        2014 -Vol-IVol-II
        2013 -Vol-IVol-II
        2012 -Vol-IVol-II
        2007 - Reprint 2010 -Vol-IVol-II
        2007 -Vol -IVol-II 
Schedules of Rates (Civil)
    Delhi Schedule of Rates:
        2014 - View in PDF
        2013 - View in PDF
        2012 - View DSR2012-Supplements in PDF
        2012 - View DSR2012C-English in PDF 
        2012 - View DSR2012C-Hindi in PDF
        2007 - Reprint 2010 - view in PDF 
        2007 - View in PDF 
        2002 - View in PDF  or   EXCEL 
Schedules of Rates (Electrical)
    Delhi Schedule of Rates:
        2014 - View DSR2014-(E&M) in PDF
        2013 - View DSR2013-(E&M) in PDF
        2012 - View in PDF
        2012 - View in PDF  or   EXCEL  or Hindi 

        Specifications Volumes I
        Specifications Volumes II
Design Manuals
        Integrated Analysis & Design of Buildings Manual
        Integrated Planning & Analysis (IPA)
        Handbook on Repairs & Rehabilitation of structures
        Manual on Planning & Design of Reinforced Concrete Multistoreyed Buildings Vol-Iand Vol-II
        Space for Electrical and Machanical Services in Buildings
Other Publications
        Cost Index Book for all cities
        General Conditions of Contract - 2005
        Books of Volumes 1 to 6
        A Handbook of Landscape