Organisational setup of Horticulture units in CPWD

Horticulture wing of CPWD is headed by Dy. Directed General (Hort) supported by three Director of Hort. viz DOH (NDR), DOH (DR) and DOH(WR).

The Director of Hort. (NDR) besides being the administrative head of the wing has direct control and the jurisdiction of the horticulture works of all the four Division viz. Division I, Division II, Division III, Division IV and technical control of all Hort. Works at Northern Region.

The Director of Hort. (DR) besides being the administrative head of W.C. Staff has direct control and the jurisdiction of the hort. Works of Division viz. Division V and Division VI and also has technical control of the PWDs Hort. Division also.

This Directorate is responsible for the layout and maintenance of the garden in Central Govt. Offices and residential building/colonies. In addition this Directorate also maintains the Hort. Works of Budhajayanti Park, Central vista, Rajghat, Shantivana, Vijayghat , Shaktisthal, Samtasthal, Virbhumi etc. It is also responsible for the preparation of landscap drawing/ plan. The Directorate has two well stocked Nurseris namely Govt. Sunder Nursery at Nizamuddin Sunder Nagar near Humayun Tomb and another one at Mehrauli.

Floral and other Hort. Operations required in connection with visit of foreign dignitaries and on special occasion such as Independence day, republic day etc. are also carried out by this Directorate.

The Directorate also participates on behalf of the Govt. of India, in various National and International Flower and garden exhibitions and show and won many laurels for its presentation. All floral arrangement for state functions, held in prestigious locations such as fore court at Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, Prime Minister House, Hyderabad House, Vigyan Bhawan, Rajghat and other Samadhis are done by the Hort. Unit of CPWD.

The Hort. Wing of the department is also responsible for preparation the Floral Tableaux of CPWD to participate in the Republic day parade and invariably this tableau is widely appreciated by all and has been awarded prizes in the past.