Quality Control & Technical Audit of Works in CPWD


The technical audit of works done by CPWD used to be done in-house right from its inception. The functions of Quality Assurance and Technical Audit of works were shifted to CVC in the year 1964. On the recommendation of Ranganathan Committee, the Quality Assurance functions were again shifted to CPWD in the year 1979.

The implementation of Quality Assurance in the field will require close co-operation among the three agencies, namely (a) field engineers (b) the construction agency, and (c) the Quality Assurance team at Circle level for strict compliance of Quality Assurance Procedure forming part of agreement.

Quality Control System Of The Department

Multi level Quality checks have been created in CPWD as detailed below:

Field level

The direct responsibility for ensuring proper quality of work as per approved specifications for achieving the intended performance and structural, functional and aesthetical parameters, and the desired life of the building/installation/structure rests with the construction team of Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer.

Quality Control team at Circle Level

To keep a watch on the effectiveness/adequacy of Quality Assurance measures at site, a Quality Assurance team with SE of the circle as its head and comprising of one AE.

The functions of the Quality Assurance team at Circle level are to check the compliance of Quality Assurance system by the field units, to locate the lapse/deficiency in the implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan, and to guide the field engineers in quality related aspects of the work.

Core Wing at Directorate Level

This Core Wing carries out the following main functions to ensure systematic and comprehensive Assurance of quality in the works: -

          Quality Assurance of works under the Special DG(S&P), (TD), ADG (Border) and Engineer- in- Chief (PWD), Delhi.

           Carry out comprehensive examination & technical audit of works.s

         To carry out investigations and enquiries with regard to quality related aspects.

Quality Assurance units in the Regions

Quality Assurance works in various Regions are being looked after by the Regional QA units headed by the Superintending Engineer (TLQA) or Director Works of the Region.