Technology Application & Standards Units


The Technology Application & Standards cell under CSQ is responsible for drafting the schedule of Rate, specifications, Plinth Area Rates, issue of cost indices etc. It is headed by a Superintending Engineer.

The implementation of Quality Assurance in the field will require close co-operation among the three agencies, namely (a) field engineers (b) the construction agency, and (c) the Quality Assurance team at Circle level for strict compliance of Quality Assurance Procedure forming part of agreement.

Broad areas of operation are:

          Preparation and revision of Plinth Area Rates and miscellaneous related matters.

           Preparation and revision of Delhi Schedule of Rates including issue of correction slips.

         Preparation and revision of Analysis of Rates for Delhi. Issuance of clarifications and correction slips

          Preparation of specifications, updation & revision, issue of correction slips, issuance of clarifications etc. Presently CPWD Specification 2009 Vol I & II are being followed..

           Release of 10CC indices.

         Preparation of Six monthly cost Index for Delhi.

          Preparation of Maintenance Cost Indices Yearly.

           Interaction with BIS, BMPTC, CSMRS etc to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of building materials and construction technique to keep on updating its own specification and standard etc.

         Publication of Analysis of Rate for Delhi, Plinth Area Rates, determination of work load norms for civil and electrical Divisions/ Circles etc.