Chronological Procedure for entrusting Works to CPWD

1. Formal Request on Click here to see performa to be filled by clients before entrusting works to CPWD is to be made to the concerned CPWD authority by the Department/Organization, which intends to get their works executed through CPWD.

2. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed between CPWD and the concerned Department/ Organization project wise as per the formal request stated in (1) above. The MoU lays down reciprocal obligations with respect to the role and responsibility of CPWD and the concerned Department/ Organization.

3. Field survey, preparation of the layout plan & preliminary drawings are taken up by CPWD in consultation with the Departments/Organizations.

4. Formal approval of layout plan & preliminary drawings is required to be conveyed by the competent authority of concerned Department/Organization to CPWD.

5. Preliminary Estimate covering cost, time and method of execution is prepared by competent authority in CPWD and forwarded to concerned Department/ Organization for accord of Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction.

6. Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction is required to be conveyed to CPWD by the concerned Department/ Organization together with a duly countersigned copy of preliminary estimate.

7. Availability of budget/ funds to be ensured by the concerned Department/ Organization as per requirement projected by CPWD for achieving the desired and unhindered progress of work. In case of deposit works, the total estimated cost of the work shall have to be deposited with CPWD either in full or in instalments as may be agreed upon by the competent authority in CPWD.

8. Preparation of Detailed Working Drawings, Detailed Estimate and structural designs, call of tenders, award of works and finally execution is taken up by CPWD in terms of the Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction. This is initiated only after the above said formalities are completed.

9. Periodic joint inspection of the concerned Department / Organization with project authorities of CPWD is encouraged and undertaken during execution the work.

10. On completion of work, it is handed over to the concerned Department/ Organization and is to be taken over by the concerned Department/ Organization within the time specified in Memorandum of Understanding.