Correction Slips

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24/03/2017 Regarding wastage of big size tiles to be adopted in DAR as 10% instead of 2.50%.133/SE(TAS)/DSR/2016-17/55-Hindi24/03/2017
22/11/2016 Release of Delhi Schedule of Rates (Civil)-2016 in PDF (Editable Version).133/SE(TAS)/DSR/2016/283-E21/11/2016
21/11/2016 Correction slip No. 1 to Delhi Schedule of Rates-2016.133/SE(TAS)/CS-DSR-2016/273-E11/11/2016
21/11/2016 Correction slip No. 1 to Delhi Analysis of Rates-2016.133/SE(TAS)/CS-DAR-2016/272-E11/11/2016
01/06/2015 Correction Slip No.2to Delhi Analysis of Rates-2014DG/DAR/0225/05/2015
23/04/2015 Correction Slip to DSR-2013DG/DSR/0823/04/2015
21/10/2014 Correction Slip no 2 to Delhi Schedule of Rates-2014DG/DSR/0721/10/2014
10/10/2014 Correction Slip no 1 to Delhi Analysis of Rates-(Civil)-2014DG/DAR/0110/10/2014
10/10/2014 Correction Slip no 01 to Delhi Schedule of Rates (Civil)-2014DG/DSR/0610/10/2014
29/08/2014 Correction Slip no 3 to Delhi Schedule of Rates-2013DG/DSR/0429/08/2014
29/08/2014 Release of Delhi Schedule of Rates-2014 & Delhi Analysis of Rates-2014DG/DSR/0529/08/2014
22/05/2014 Printing of New Edition of DSR-2014133/SE(TAS)/Prtg. Of DSR/2014/210-E22/05/2014
18/12/2013 Correction Slip no2 to Delhi Scedule of rates-2013DG/DSR/0414/11/2013
04/10/2013 Correction Slip no 1 for DSR-2013DG/DSR/0303/10/2013
12/09/2013 Release of Delhi Analysis of Rates (Civil)-2013DG/DSR/0212/09/2013
16/08/2013 Release of Delhi Schedule of Rates(Civil)-2013DG/DSR/0114/08/2013
26/07/2013 Release of Delhi Schedule of Rate (E&M)2013 and Supplement to PAR file no. 10(1)/CE(E)/CSQ/Publication/ 201325/07/2013
15/05/2013 Time Limit for attending various types of complaints in CPWD SEWANo. 152/SE (TAS)/MM/2013/188-E15/05/2013
06/05/2013 Correction slip No. 1 to Delhi Schedule of Rates-2012, Supplement(Green Building and New technology Items)133/SE(TAS)/EE-I/178-E06/05/2013
22/03/2013 Release of Delhi Schedule of Rates(Civil)-2012, Supplement (Green Building and New Technology Items)133/SE(TAS)/110 -E19/03/2013
30/07/2012 Publication of Analysis of Rates 2012 for Delhi regarding missing item no 7.17.1 & 9.55.2 in the book of Analysis of Rates No.86/SE(TAS)/EE-I/DAR/2012-13/239-E25/07/2012
18/07/2012 Correction Slip No. 1 to Delhi Schedule of Rates 2012 No. 118/SE (TAS) EE-I /CS-DSR-2012/236,E18/07/2012
25/11/2011 Correction slip no.1 to CPWD Specifications-200937/SE(TAS) Speci/32323/11/2011
25/11/2011 C.S. No-2 to DSR 2007 (Reprint -2010)93/SE(TAS)/322-E23/11/2011
16/03/2011 correction slip no 9 to DSR 2007118/SE(TAS)EE-1/CS-DSR2007(REPRINT 2010)08/03/2011
17/03/2011 CORRECTION SLIP TO DAR 200786/SE(TAS)EE-I/CS-DAR2007(REPRINT-2010)/58-E08/03/2011
19/10/2010 Correction slip no. 4 to Delhi Plinth Area Rates 2007.(Reprint 2010)62/SE(TAS)/PAR-2007/CS/293-E19/10/2010
19/10/2010 OM regarding clarification for using PAR-2007 (reprint 2010)62/SE(TAS)/PAR- 2007/2010/294-E19/10/2010
13/09/2010 Correction Slip no. 8 to DSR- 2007118/SE(S&S)/EE-II/CS-DSR-2007/258-E13/09/2010
19/07/2010 Issue of Plinth Area Rates -Reprint 201062/SE(TAS)/PAR-07/10-11/19219/07/2010
19/07/2010 Issue of CPWD Delhi Analysis of Rate Reprint 2010 86(Printing of DAR)/EE (TAS) /2010- 11/19119/07/2010
19/07/2010 Issue of CPWD Delhi Schedule of Rate Reprint 2010 133(Printing of DSR)/EE(TAS) /2009- 10/189E14/07/2010
05/05/2010 Correction Slip no. 5 to DAR- 2007 Vol- I & II86/SE(TAS)/EE-II/CS/DAR-2007/10029/04/2010
05/05/2010 Correction Slip no. 7 to DSR- 2007118(S&S)/EE-II/CS-DSR -2007/9929/04/2010
15/03/2010 Correction Slip no. 6 to DSR- 2007118/SE(S&S)/EE-II/CS-DSR-2007/48-E Dated: 04/03/201015/03/2010
15/03/2010 Correction Slip no. 4 to DAR – 2007 Vol. –I & II86/SE(TAS)/EE-II/LS-DAR-2007/49-E Dated: 04/03/201015/03/2010
26/11/2009 correction slip no. 05 to DSR 2007118/SE(S&)/EEI/CS-DSR200726/11/2009
26/11/2009 ccrection slip no. 3 to DAR 200786/SE(S&S)/EEI/CS-DAR200726/11/2009
17/11/2009 Correction slip no. 3 to Delhi Plinth Area Rates 2007.No: 62/SE(TAS)/PAR-2007/CS/284 No: 62/SE(TAS)/PAR-2007/CS/284 16/11/2009
16/09/2009 correction slip no. 4 todsr 2007118/SE(S&S)/EEI/C.S-DSR200717/08/2009
08/09/2009 Correction Slip No. 2 to DAR 200786/SE(S&S)/EEI/CS-DAR 2007/14310/06/2009
08/09/2009 Correction Slip No.2 to Delhi Plinth Area Rates 200762/SE(TAS)/PAR 2007/CS/130-E15/05/2009
08/09/2009 Correction Slip No. 3 to DSR 2007118/SE(S&S)/EEI/CS-DSR 2007/10017/04/2009
08/09/2009 Correction Slip No.20 CPWD Specifications 200237/SE(S&S)/EE-I12/01/2009
08/09/2009 Correction Slip No.1 to Delhi Plinth Area Rates 200762/SE(TAS)/PAR 2007/CS/20712/12/2008
08/09/2009 Correction Slip No. 1 to DAR 2007118/SE(S&S)/EEI/CS-DAR 2007/30612/11/2008
07/09/2009 Correction Slip No. 2 to DSR 2007118/SE(S&S)/EEI/CS-DSR 2007/30712/11/2008
07/09/2009 Correction Slip No. 1 to DSR 2007118/SE(S&S)/EEI/CS-DSR 2007/6613/03/2007