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22/05/2017 Expeditious follow up and scrutiny of audit reports by Chief Vigilance Officers.19/(Misc.)Audit/2017-VHQ22/05/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
17/05/2017 Willingness of posting in Vigilance Unit.16/12/2/2005-VS.I17/05/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
16/05/2017 Forwarding complaints and related matters / documents involving vigilance angle in time to the Vigilance Unit for investigation.10/V-2/(A-27)/2015-VS.I15/05/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
20/04/2017 Review of para - 8.2/Section-II of Appendix-20 of CPWD Works Manual - 2014.10/V-11/(A-238)/2016-VSI20/04/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
11/04/2017 Empanelment of Shri Mukesh Vij, Spl. DG (Retired) as Inquiry Officer for conducting departmental inquiries.7/1/Inquiry/2008-VSII11/04/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
07/04/2017 Testing of various construction materials from approved labs.19/(Testing)/2016-17-VHQ07/04/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
05/04/2017 Strict compliance with timelines for spending required reports and records to the Vigilance Unit.10/EODV/(A-138)/2010-VSI05/04/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
29/03/2017 Maintaining of Deposit Register in Division Offices of CPWD for monitoring of release of security deposit.10/V-7/(A-433)/2014-VSI29/03/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
22/03/2017 Regarding payment of the prizes to the award winners of various competitions held during Vigilance Awareness Week-2016, organised from 31/10/2016 to 05/11/2016.21/9/2012-VHQ22/03/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
20/03/2017 Willingness of posting in Vigilance Unit.16/12/2/2005-VS-I20/03/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
17/03/2017 Willingness of posting in Vigilance Unit.16/12/2/2005-VS-I17/03/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
10/03/2017 Guidelines regarding hiring of vehicles by Government offices.10/V-11/(B-35)/2016-VSI09/03/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
02/03/2017 Instructions on sealed cover procedure - where Government servant has been acquitted but appeal is contemplated / pending - clarification regarding.19/Misc/2016-17/VHQ02/03/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/02/2017 Willingness of Posting in Vigilance Unit16/12/2/2005-VS.I13/02/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/02/2017 Systemic Improvement Guidelines - Engagement of Consultants - regarding - CVC Circular No. 01/01/2017 dated 23/01/201719/Misc/2017/VHQ13/02/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/02/2017 CIRCULAR No. :-DG/VIG-6 (Modified)11/1/2014.VHQ13/02/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
07/02/2017 Examination of pending final bills.19/(Misc.)/2016-17-VHQ06/02/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download