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13/01/2017 Regarding results of various competitions held during Vigilance Awareness Week 2016 w.e.f. 31.10.2016 to 05.11.2016.21/9/2012-VSI13/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
16/01/2017 Regarding inviting tenders from the firm registered in composite category and registered /annually pre-qualified in lift operation category.10/V-32/Misc. Complaints/2016-VS.I(Vol.II)13/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
12/01/2017 Regarding results of various competitions held during Vigilance Awareness Week 2016.21/9/2012-VSI12/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
12/01/2017 Expeditious follow-up and scrutiny of Audit Reports by Chief Vigilance Officers.10/V-15/(Misc.)/2015-VS-I12/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/01/2017 Information regarding digitisation of Architectural drawings under your jurisdiction.10/V-11/(A-217)/2016-VSI12/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
11/01/2017 Testing of various construction materials from approved Labs.19/Misc./2016-17-VHQ10/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/01/2017 Formulating Transfer and Posting guidelines up to the rank of Assistant Administrative Officers in CPWD.10/V-25/(A-172)/2016-VSI05/01/2017 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/12/2016 Examination of pending final bills.19/(Misc.)/2016-17-VHQ13/12/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
13/12/2016 CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 - Clarification regarding effect of warning, censure etc on promotion.19/(Misc.)/2016-17-VHQ13/12/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
07/12/2016 Criteria to be followed while examining the lapses of authorities exercising judicial or quasi-judicial functions - regarding.19/Misc./2016-17/EE(HQ)/VHQ07/12/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
06/12/2016 Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965- Instructions regarding timely issue of charge sheet.19/(Misc.)/2016-17-VHQ06/12/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
22/11/2016 Inspection of all the Civil and Electrical Divisions under the jurisdiction of NDZ-VIII.CVO/Misc./201621/11/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
18/11/2016 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week, 2016 - Submission of report.21/9/201218/11/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
09/11/2016 Extension of date for participation in Essay, Drawing / Painting and slogan.21/9/2012-VSI09/11/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
09/11/2016  २१/१/२०१२-VSI09/11/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
04/11/2016 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week, 2016 from 31 October to 5 November21/9/2012-VSI04/11/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download
04/11/2016 Integrity pledge taken by DG, CPWD on behalf of all members of CPWD.21/9/2012-VSI03/11/2016 UMESH BANSAL ,SE_VIG Download