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Contract Specifications and QA
1. DG/10CA 10 CA Indices CE(CSQ)(Civil)
2. DG/10CC 10 CC Indices CE(CSQ)(Civil)
3. DG/10CC/Elect. 10CC Indies for Elect and Mech Components CE(CSQ)(Elect.)
4. DG/Cont.Enlist(C) Contractors Enlistment Matters (Civil) CE(CSQ)(Civil)
5. DG/Cont.Enlist(E) Contractors Enlistment Matters (Electrical) CE(CSQ)(Elect)
6. DG/CostIndex Cost Index CE(CSQ)(Civil)
7. DG/DAR(C) Delhi Analysis of Rates (Civil) CE(CSQ)(Civil)
8. DG/DAR(E) Delhi Analysis of Rates (Electrical) CE(CSQ)(Elect)
9. DG/DSR(C) Delhi Schedule of Rates (Civil) CE(CSQ)(Civil)
10. DG/DSR(E) Delhi Schedule of Rates (Electrical) CE(CSQ)(Elect)
11. DG/CON General Conditions of Contract CE(CSQ)(Civil)
12. DG/GST GST Orders CE(CSQ)(Civil)
13. DG/Maint Maintenance & Upgradation DDG(W)
14. DG/Maint.Man Maintenance Manual CE(CSQ)(Civil)
15. DG/TAS(C) New Products / Materials (Civil) CE(CSQ)(Civil)
16. DG/TAS(E) New Products / Materials (Electrical) CE(CSQ)(Elect)
17. DG/PAR Plinth Area Rates CE(CSQ)(Civil)
18. DG/QA Quality Assurance CE(CSQ)(Civil)
19. DG/Spec(C) Specifications (Civil) CE(CSQ)(Civil)
20. DG/Spec(E) Specifications (Electrical) CE(CSQ)(Elect)
21. DG/TLC Techno Legal Matters CE(CSQ)(Civil)
22. DG/MAN Works Manual CE(CSQ)(Civil)
1. DG/APAR APAR Circulars DDG(Pers)
2. DG/COMAPP Compassionate Appointment Cases DDG(HQ)
3. DG/Court Court Case - Establishment DDG(Hq)
4. DG/Dept.Exam Departmental Exams ADG(Trg)
5. DG/Deput. Deputation Circulars DDG(Pers)
6. DG/Estt General Establishment Matters DDG(Pers),DDG(Hq)
8. DG/CAD Organisational Restructuring DIR(S&D)
9. DG/Pension Pension Cases DDG(HQ)
10. DG/PROMN Promotion and transfer orders DDG(Pers)
11. DG/PG (Admin) Public Grievance (Admin) DDG(HQ)
12. DG/RE/Manual Regular Establishment Manual related DDG(HQ)
13. DG/SancSth Sanctioned Strength Circulars DDG(Pers)
14. DG/Sen.List Seniority List DDG(Pers)
15. DG/TRF Transfer Orders DDG(Pers)
1. DG/eGov e-Governance Circulars DDG(eGov)
2. DG/EnergyConservation Energy Conservation CE(CSQ)(Elect)
3. DG/Hort Horticulture DDG(Hort.)
4. DG/eGov Manual Tenders DG/eGov
5. DG/MoM Minutes of Meeting All Above Units
6. DG/MISC Miscellaneous All Above Units
7. DG/PQ Parliament Questions Dir(S&D)
8. DG/PPP Public Private Partnership DDG(PPP)
9. DG/RTI RTI Circulars DDG(W)
10. DG/S&D System, Policy and Development DIR(S&D)
11. DG/TRG Training Circulars ADG(Trg)
12. DG/Hindi Use of Hindi DDG(W)
13. DG/VIG Vigilance Circulars CVO
1. DG/Arch Architecture Addl.DG(Arch.)
2. DG/R&R Repair and Rehabilitation CE(CDO)
3. DG/DES Structural Design CE(CDO)
1. DG/P&WA All Matters related to Works and Projects DDG(W)
2. DG/FIN Budget and Expenditure DDG(W)
3. DG/NT New Technologies Circulars DDG(W)
4. DG/PM Project Monitoring DDG(W)
5. DG/PG (Works) Public Grievance (Works) DDG(W)