Systemic Improvements Initiated & Implemented
S.No.Systematic Improvement InitiatedSystematic Improvement ImplementedRecommended By
Year : 2019
1 Clarity regarding Normal Division and Maintenance Division dealing with furnished accommodation in the financial power delegated under S.No.35(i) and 35(ii) of Appendix-I of CPWD Works Manual 2014. (Systemic Improvement No. 2/2019)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 32
2 Guidelines for EPC mode of tendering and justification-reg. (Systemic Improvement No 1 of 2019)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 11
Year : 2018
1 Recommendation for issue of proper guidelines regarding timely disbursing of minimum wages and deposition of ESI/EPF deductions and items for "Providing various services such as Clerical, Data Entry Operator, Steno, MTS/Messengers/Peon, Driver etc." Systemic Improvement No. 11/2018Yet to be implementedEE(V) 24
2 Regarding Systematic Improvement to receive & submit the tenders/quotations in physical form in CPWD offices which are security protected. (Systematic Improvement No. 1O/2O18)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 42
3 Recommendations for issue of proper guidelines regarding acceptance of deposit works by CPWD- Systemic Improvement No. 9/2018Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
4 OM-Allowing increment without passing departmental exam- Systemic Improvement No. 8/2018Yet to be implementedSelect recomended by
5 Issue of circular with uniform policy regarding procurement of LED bulbs/LED fittings- Systemic Improvement No. 7/2018.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 32
6 Drafting of guidelines by fixing stage wise time limits for executing the specialized works.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 31
7 Recommendation for issue of proper guidelines regarding ''taking extension of validity of tenders'' and ''time limit of acceptance of two bid/three bid system tenders''.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
8 Regarding non implementation of escalation clauses of GCC and updated circulars of CSQ unit of CPWD.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 21
9 Fixation of bricks wastage in brick work analysis of rateYet to be implementedEE(V) 12
10 Preparation of NIT and contract agreement based on realistic site conditions-regardingYet to be implementedEE(V) 11
11 Issue of common guidelines for inviting tenders for Comprehensive /Annual maintenance contracts of computers and printers.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 32
Year : 2017
1 During investigation of a complaint it has been observed that 3 makes of inverter, viz., Servocon/IPC/Power Line were stipulated in all the NITs and all the orders were placed on M/s Sanbro Power Control Systems, an authorised dealer of Servocon brand on L1 basis. To increase competition and to ensure economic and competitive price, it would be appropriate to include more approved makes in the NIT (more than 3).(Systemic Improvement No. 22/2017).Systemic Improvement implemented by competent authority vide OM No. DG/SE(E)TAS/01 dated 15/11/2017.EE(V) 32
2 In one complaint, it was observed that while according technical sanction for NIT, the NIT approving authority has not mentioned the specification and the series of the glass moisac tiles item. In the NIT, only 3 brand names Palladio/Italia/Bisazza or equivalent were mentioned. There was no mention of any particular series nor was any clear specification of the tiles given in the NIT. Vigilance Unit request CSQ unit of CPWD to examine and issue appropriate guidelines to field units to clarify the range / series of the item having wide range / series within the brand.(Systemic Improvement No. 21/2017).Yet to be implementedEE(V) 14
3 A specimen guidelines for – eligibility criteria for two/three envelope system for inviting tender for specialized works is given in Appendix- 20 of CPWD Works Manual 2014, but instances have come to the notice of Vigilance Unit wherein NIT approving authority are keeping the criteria of eligibility for “one completed work of any nature (either part of (i) or a separate one) costing not less than the amount equal to 40% of the estimated cost put to tender with some Central Government Department/ State Government Department/ Central Autonomous Body/ State Autonomous Body/ Central Public Sector Undertaking/ State Public Sector Undertaking/ City Development Authority/ Municipal Corporation of City formed under any Act by Central/ State Government and published in Central/ State Gazette”. Which is not applicable in case of specialized works. Thus, tender are being invited in contravention of provisions of CPWD Works Manual 2014. (Systemic Improvement No. 20/2017). Implemented by Vigilance Unit Ref. No. 10/V-7/(A-31)/2015-VSI dated 03/10/2017.EE(V) 33
4 Tiles in the flooring can be laid either with cement mortar or adhesive. Item in DSR provides for providing and laying of floor tiles with cement mortar. Simultaneously it provides for deduct for not using cement mortar and add for fixing tiles with adhesives. All three items were specified in a tender and contractor quoted abnormally low rate for cement mortar and abnormally high rate for fixing tiles with adhesives. To avoid this undue advantage by the contractor, NIT approving authorities are requested to incorporate complete item of tile flooring with cement mortar or adhesives in the agreement. (Systemic Improvement No.19/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 11
5 In the Enlistment Rules, 2005, a term unemployed graduate engineer is mentioned which is not clear to intending bidders who want to get registered with CPWD. The definition of unemployed graduate engineer needs to be elaborated. (Systemic Improvement No.18/2017)OM No. DG/SE/CM/ENLIST. RULES/27 DATED 17/07/2017-Enlistment Rules 2005: Regarding Enlistment of Graduate Engineers as sole proprietor firm. EE(V) 32
6 CPWD Works Manual has no provision regarding fixing time limits for initiation of extra, substitute and deviation items as well as their sanction by various competent authorities which is a reason of complaints. Items sanctioned at a later stage and if sanctioned at lower rates than what has been paid earlier, then it becomes difficult to recover excess amount paid to the contractors. As such maximum time lines for initiation as well as sanction of these items needs to be clearly defined in CPWD Works Manual. (Systemic Improvement No.17/2017)Systemic Improvement for prescribing timeline of sanctions of deviation implemented vide OM No. DG/MAN/347 dated 13/04/2017.EE(V) 42
7 In DSR, there is provision of RMC/batch mixed concrete of different grades with further condition that excess/less cement than specified in the item is payable/recoverable separately. Taking advantage of these conditions, contractors try to manipulate and get design mix designed with higher cement content than that specified in the respective item. Therefore, NIT/approving authorities may stipulate minimum cement content without extra payment for use of extra cement beyond specified minimum cement content in the item. For use of lesser cement than that specified in the respective item, recovery shall be affected. The time period/circumstances at which approved design mix need to be revisited is also to be specified in case the cube strength vis-à-vis, the target strength of the concrete is higher beyond a certain value. (Systemic Improvement No.16/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 11
8 During investigations as well as field inspections, provisions under Section 53.20 of CPWD Works Manual 2014 in respect of testing of materials through private laboratories and process of approval of these labs has been examined. Section 53.20 needs re-examination and corrective action is required. (Systemic Improvement No.13/2017)OM No. DG/MAN/347 dated 13/04/2017 - Modification in CPWD Works Manual. EE(V) 22
9 The time gap between date of publication of tender in newspapers and date of receipt of tenders has been defined in para 17.5 of CPWD Works Manual, 2012. But no provision for time gap between uploading of tenders on e-tender web site and its receipt are defined. Ideally, the uploading of tender document on e-tender website should be uploaded as soon as publicity in press is displayed. In many cases, the time gap between uploading of tender and its online receipt remains very less making difficult for the contractor to quote the rates. Therefore, proper guidelines regarding time gap between uploading of tender on web site by officers and submission of the bid online by the contractor needs to be clearly specified. (Systemic Improvement No.15/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
10 CPWD Works Manual, 2014 para 33.1(1) (c) and (4) provides that compensation under clause (2) of the contract is not to be adjudicated by the arbitrator. Chief Engineer(CSQ) is requested for deliberation on this issue for systemic improvement in consultation with Ministry of Law. (Systemic Improvement No.14/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 11
11 Setting guidelines for field officers regarding steps to be taken while finalizing / according technical sanction for unconventional and complicated specialized works and new items / products (Systemic Improvement No.12/2017).Yet to be implementedEE(V) 13
12 Recommendations for issue of proper guidelines regarding method of recovery of interest alongwith principal amount of mobilisation advance. (Systemic Improvement No.11/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
13 GCC provides for submission of tenders by a person holding power of attorney authorizing him to do so. But in case of e-tendering, the tender has to be submitted by the contractor himself. These provisions of GCC needs to be modified. Role of authorizing him signing of documents does not clarify whether signing of agreement is also authorized or not and whether this action amounts to subletting, needs to be examined. No provision for revoking of already rescinded contracts exists in CPWD Works Manual which needs suitable deliberations for specified provisions in CPWD Works Manual. (Systemic Improvement No.10/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
14 No item for watch and ward staff is available in DSR. Tender are invited by different field units adopting different nomenclature of item, analyses of rates etc. derived by them. To have uniformity in estimate rates, items for watch and ward staff need to be included in DSR. (Systemic Improvement No.05/2017)Incorporation of item(s) of works pertaining to watch and ward services in CPWD DSR vide Ref. No. 133/SE (TAS)/DSR/2016-17/102-E dated 23/05/2017.EE(V) 42
15 Guidelines under para 3.4(2), 3.4(4), 3.4(8) and 3.5 of CPWD works manual 2014 are not being followed by field units for execution of deposit works and huge liabilities are created which allowed arbitrators awarding interest on delayed payments. No expenditures should be incurred without availability of funds for deposit works. (Systemic Improvement No.09/2017)Implemented by Vigilance Unit Ref. No. EE (V) 33/Misc./ 2017-VSI dated 22/05/2017.EE(V) 33
16 During investigation of a complaint, it was observed that publicity was done in news papers having limited edition and less circulation defeating purpose of publicity. To avoid such situations, name of newspapers where publicity is required to be made should be mentioned while sending NIT for publicity. (Systemic Improvement No.08/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 34
17 Selection of cashiers in division offices are done by inviting options. There are no guidelines for Transfer and posting of cashiers in CPWD. Clear unambiguous and transparent guidelines for Transfer and posting of cashiers are required to be made in light of the fact that due to online transactions and e-tendering, cash handling has significantly reduced. (Systemic Improvement No.07/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
18 As per appendix-20 of CPWD works manual 2014, intending bidders are technically qualified when they secured at least 50% marks in individual attributes and 60% marks in aggregate with further condition that they shall be disqualified if made misleading or false representation, deliberately suppressed the information and having record of poor performance on the works. Provision of how to collect authentic information regarding past performance of bidders need to be made in CPWD works manual. (Systemic Improvement No.06/2017)Review of para - 8.2/Section-II of Appendix-20 of CPWD Works Manual.EE(V) 11
19 During investigation of a complaint, it was observed that there are contradictory provisions under para 22.1, 22.2(3) of CPWD works manual and clause 45 of GCC regarding release of SD. Clarifications need to be issued whether contractor has to apply for release of SD or it is to be released by department when it is due. (Systemic Improvement No.04/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 11
20 During investigation of a complaint, it was observed that noise barriers provided over flyovers by PWD have not been evaluated for performance parameters in absence of any study regarding how much noise levels were to be reduced, how much actually reduced. Guidelines need to be issued to make it mandatory for comprehensive study and parameters to be mentioned in NIT before floating of tenders for such works. (Systemic Improvement No.02/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 24
21 During investigation of a complaint, it has been observed that expenditure on hiring vehicles in being charged to contingencies of work by field officers. CPWD works manual provisions under para 4.1.5, which deals with expenditure from contingencies of work, does not have provision of charging such expenditure to contingencies. CE(CSQ) is requested to examine this issue and enlarge the scope of para 4.1.5 of CPWD works manual. (Systemic Improvement No.03/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 11
22 During investigation of a complaint it is found that officials who joined CPWD as LDC, remained posted at same station on various posts such as LDC, UDC, cashier, Head clerk, OS and AAO in violation of CVC rotational policy guidelines. DDG(HQ) is requested to formulate comprehensive, transparent, transfer and posting guidelines for staff upto the rank of AAO in CPWD. (Systemic Improvement No.01/2017)Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
Year : 2016
1 Para 16 of Annexure 20A.12 of CPWD works Manual prohibits contractors not to bid for works in CPWD circle in which his near relative is posted as divisional accountant or as officer between the grade of SE and JE. In order to promote more transparency, provisions under para 16 of Annexure 20A.12 of CPWD works Manual need to be enlarged to include “all officers and staff of CPWD posted in the circle area” instead of officers between to grade of SE and JE. Yet to be implementedEE(V) 32
2 During investigation of a complaint, it is observed that a tender was fraudantly obtained by a person impersonatingas sole proprietor of a firm by signing various documents such as application, affidavit, agreement etc. and also submitted FDRs against Security deposit which are found to be forged at a later date. CE(CSQ) is requested to issue guidelines for verification of FDRs and to develop mechanism to obviate impersonation during execution and award of work.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 21
3 In an arbitration case for the work of C/o Office building for Central Excise at EM Bye Pass, Kolkata SH: Superstructure including internal water supply, sanitary installations and drainage, the arbitrator in his award has stated that the Respondent has granted some provisional extension of time during the progress of work. The contract does not provide for such provisional extension of time. If there has to be any extension of time, that has to be firm and based on proper assessment and as provided in the agreement under Clause 5. Further, the Arbitrator has stated that the parties cannot modify any authority specified under the Schedule-F of the agreement without an agreement. The recommended Systemic Improvement is for issuance of proper guidelines in the CPWD Works Manual on the above-mentioned issues. Systemic Improvement implemented by competent authority vide OM No. DG/CON/297 dated 04/09/2017.EE(V) 12
4 Systemic Improvement regarding imposition of levy of compensation under clause 2 of the agreement.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
5 i) Provisional extension of time granted during progress of work to keep the contract live is an imaginary concept and not as per law of contract. If there has to be any extension of time, that has to be firm and on the basis of proper assessment. ii) In schedule F of the agreement, authorities to take action under clauses of the agreement are defined. Many times due to closure of one office, transfer of work to another office, authorities mentioned in schedule F cannot be modified unless specific provision to that extent is available in the agreement. CE(CSQ) is requested to deliberate the issue. Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
6 Transfer and posting orders issued by competent authorities in CPWD are not implemented by controlling officers and no mechanism exists in department to monitor such lapses. ADG(S&P) is requested to constitute a committee of officers who shall monitor implementation of all Transfer & Posting orders issued and initiate suitable disciplinary action against controlling officers who defy such orders.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
7 Justification of a work was prepared following the provisions of CPWD works manual 2014 under para Items having highest estimated amount in descending order, until at least 90% of estimated amount is reached, were selected. This exercise left one item not selected due to not falling in aforesaid criterion but contractor quoted exorbitant higher rate of that item which further deviated and resulted into extra payment of Rs.23.57/-lacs to the contractor and also changed the position of L1.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 15
8 Clubbing of various specialized electrical & mechanical services for invitation of tender.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 33
9 Three forms of award of work on work orders are being followed i.e. spot quotation, manual method of call of quotation and e-tendering method. Manual method of call of quotation leads to complaints such as schedule of quantity not issued, time limit for publicity not specified, insufficient time for submission of quotation etc. CE(CSQ) is requested to examine the issue to stop manual method of call of quotation and define time limit of publicity for call of quotations.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
10 In an arbitration case for the work of C/o Residential Quarters for Income Tax Department in Block 4 & 20, CIT, Ultadanga, Kolkata SH: C/o 80 No. Type III Qtrs. (11 storeyed) including sanitary & water supply installations (Superstructure), the arbitrator in his award has stated that the imposition of levy of compensation by the SE under Clause 2 of the agreement was made at a very belated stage. The arbitrator is of the view that action should have been taken for imposition of any penalty within time frame i.e., stipulated time of contract. Further, it is seen that the issue of levy of compensation as per clause 2 of the agreement / CPWD Works Manual is not open to arbitration and decision of SE is final and binding, but keeping in view of the award by the arbitrator, the recommended Systemic Improvement is for issuance of proper guidelines in the CPWD Works Manual on the above-mentioned issues. Systemic Improvement implemented by competent authority vide OM No. DG/CON/297 dated 04/09/2017EE(V) 12
11 For the work of mechanized cleaning of water storage tanks, tender inviting authority asked experience of execution of similar nature of works from CPWD registered as well as non-registered contractors although the work was not categorized as specialized work in CPWD works manual. A vague eligibility condition was also made part of bid document making it restricted call of tenders without approval of the competent authority.CE(CSQ) is requested to examine the issue of inclusion of work of mechanized cleaning of water storage tanks in list of specialized works with directions not to make such restrictive conditions in the tenders.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
12 Quotations for supply of material were invited from manufacturers and their authorised dealers only but it was issued to the firm authorised by the manufactures for that particular work which does not qualify under authorised dealer category. All are requested to follow provisions under para 37.3(5) of CPWD works manual in this regard.Instructions issued for timely payment of bills of local bodies so as to avoid payment of surcharges.EE(V) 33
Year : 2015
1 During investigation of a complaint, it came out that one contractor managed to get enlistment in CPWD by submitting work experience certificate of an agency but was not executed in his name. The experience certificate was in agency’s name but with different proprietor. CE(CSQ) is requested to include one column for name of proprietor/ names of all partners in Form E, performance report of works referred to in Form B & C, page 419 of CPWD works manual 2014.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
2 Directions issued to all officers of CPWD to change password of all soft wares & mail in compliance of CVC directions issued vide circular No. 09/07/2015 with reference no. 010/VGL/080-290733 dated 30.07.2015.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
3 Recommendations for systemic improvement in recruitment of Khallasi, Beldar, Sweeper and Sewer-man. Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
4 Review of provision of Para 4.1 & 4.2 of CPWD Works Manual 2014.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 23
5 Deficiencies in the NIT of security related works (Providing Security Guards).Yet to be implementedEE(V) 21
6 Systemic improvement for disposal of dismantled materials. Yet to be implementedEE(V) 21
7 Systemic Improvement in Manual provisions for "Purchase of materials".Yet to be implementedEE(V) 42
8 Systemic improvement in procurement.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 32
9 Recommendations for Systemic Improvement in Transfer and Posting Policy for officers of all level, from JE to SDG.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
10 Recommended for systemic improvements in the Consultancy agreements for composite works to bring in clarity of procedures for making fee payments.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 25
11 Policy decision regarding allowing of revocation of already determined contracts.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 12
Year : 2014
1 Major workload of Horticulture wing is about maintaining the gardens, lawns, hedges, shrubs etc. and these items are being operated as a non-schedule item in all the horticulture units throughout the country. Vigilance has recommended to incorporate these items in the schedule of works for the horticulture works so that uniformity is maintained throughout the country.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 22
2 Inspection report of the Horticulture Division Mumbai from 18/12/2013 to 21/12/2013-Systemic Improvement in Horticulture Works in CPWD.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 22
3 Recommended many improvements in the NITs pertaining to the horticulture works particularly regarding to supply of flower pots and decorated plants. Recommendations are also made for non-splitting of works and sanctions.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 22
4 Preparation of model NIT for Horticulture Works for uniformity in all Horticulture Divisions.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 22
5 To reduce the frequency of conducting tests for building materials which will result in substantial saving to public money.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 21
6 Systemic Improvement regarding short-listing / approval of Private laboratories for conducting tests required by field units of CPWD.Yet to be implementedEE(V) 42
Year : 2010
1 Systemic Improvement regarding misuse of Government Quarters in various GPRA Colonies under the jurisdiction of CPWD. Systemic Improvement implemented vide OM No. 17/12/11/2008-VSI dated 23/12/2010 regarding misuse of Government Quarters in various GPRA Colonies under the jurisdiction of CPWD. EE(V) 23
Year : 2009
1 Systemic Improvement regarding jurisdiction of investigation of complaints by Vigilance Unit and Administration in CPWD. Systemic Improvement regarding jurisdiction of investigation of complaints by Vigilance Unit Administration implemented vide OM No. 16/4/6/2009-VSI dated 23/07/2009.EE(V) 25
2 Handing over of the charge by JEs/AEs/EEs CPWD posted in the field units including Horticulture Wing.Systemic Improvement implemented by Vigilance Unit, CPWD vide OM No. 17/7/2005-VS I dated 13/03/2009.EE(V) 23