Case Studies

SNoCase TitleSubmitted ByView
1 Unfair trade practice by OEM. Case study submitted by Shri Vikas Rana, SE (V) III
2 Irregularities in award of tender. Case study by Shri Sanjay Gupta, SE (V) II
3 Payment of inadmissible extra items due to inadequate study of agreement items and specifications. Case study submitted by Shri A K Agarwal, SE (V) IV and Inquiry.
4 Unfair practices adopted in execution of works. Case study by Umesh Bansal, SE (V) I
5 Inquiry related to preparation of justification on the basis of fake price list. Case study by Nagendra Prasad, SE (V) IV & Inquiry
6 Execution of infructuous items without any requirement in the agreement. Case study by J K Bansal, EE (V) 42
7 Improper decision taken in pre-bid meeting and relaxations given in the tender conditions after pre-bid meeting in violation of CPWD Works Manual. Case study by N P Gupta, EE (V) 12
8 Gross financial irregularities in execution of the work. Case study by Satyajit Mandal, EOD-3